Terry’s Buyer Masterclass For Motivated Home Buyers Who Want To Learn More About The Process!

10 FREE Videos To Help You Understand How To Buy A House (in 12 minutes)

Buyer’s Master Class:

Class #1: When Should I Buy A Home?

Can you and should you try and time the market? Listen here to find out the answer.

Class #2: How Do I Find The Right Home?

Let’s talk about what you NEED in a home, what you WANT in a home and how to maximize your dollars to try and get both.

Class #3: How Do I Make An Offer And What Is The Process?

Listen here to find out what the process is when you buy a home. It is very important to understand the process and know how you can get out of the contract if you need to.

Class #4: Can I Negotiate The Price Of The Home I’m Buying?

The answer is, it depends. It depends on the current market you are buying in and what type of market you are in. Listen here to discover the two types or markets you need to know about!

Class #5: Where Is The Best Place To Get My Loan?

Listen to this video to hear the three main places to get a loan and which one is best.

Class #6: Can I Get Out Of The Contract If I Want To?

Listen to this video to here the various ways I can get you out of a contract if needed.

Class #7: How Do I Know If There Is Something Wrong With The Home I’m Buying?

You have several protections when it comes to the condition of the house, so check in here to find out what those safeguards are.

Class #8: Once I Buy A Home, Who Do I Call To Get Work Done?

This video tells you the best way to find contractors and how to get the best price.

Class #9: When Do I Get To Move Into The Home I Buy?

This can be a tricky situation if handled incorrectly. This might be one of the biggest causes of lawsuits in real estate. Listen to this video for good advice.

Class #10: What Do I Do If I Need to Sell A Home In Order To Buy A New One?

There Are lots of land mines in this question, so make sure to listen in on how to avoid them.